Our hours are 8pm - 2am 7 nights a week. Of course you can work 1 night or all nights whatever you like. This is a 2 person job. We only hire one driver (independent contractor). The independent contractor will be responsible for finding a driving partner. One drives another to the customers car then the driver's partner follows them and picks them up. This job works best for couples, roommates and good friends. This job will not replace a full time job. It is good for extra income. Just like taking home a driving impaired friend, but getting paid for it. One driver must have a Class E license to drive the customers car. It involves an easy multiple choice test and $30 at the DMV. Must be at least 21 and have a clean driving record for the past 5 years and no criminal history. Must be clean cut and well dressed. All drivers will be subject to random drug tests, if needed. 

Designated Driver Service