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CONTACT: Kevin Boedecker, President

CELL: (417) 234-8995

Springfield's Original Designated Driver Service


At Safe Rides LLC we receive calls from people who have been drinking alcohol and we dispatch driver teams to pick up the caller in the callers own vehicle. So the service not only gets the client home safely, but the client also conveniently arrives home in their own vehicle. Safe Rides LLC is NOT a taxi service we are a designated driver service. For a minimal fee our clients avoid the possibility of paying thousands of dollars in DUI court costs, and at worst causing a fatal crash.


Safe Rides LLC was founded by Kevin Boedecker and is based in Springfield, Missouri servicing Springfield, MO. and surrounding areas. We currently operate on Friday and Saturday from 8:00pm to 2:00am. We can be reached for interviews at (417) 234-8995. We charge a $8 vehicle fee plus $2 per mile.


Safe Rides LLC is currently hiring drivers anyone interested in an employment opportunity should call (417) 234-8995.


“A few dollars more than a cab ride and thousands of dollars less than a DUI!”